What is F-Class?


F-Class is a shooting sport which originated in 1995. It was intended for those familiar with or interested in long range shooting. It is easy to get into and learn, and a lot of fun!

These are the basics:

Each shooter shoots at a target 600 yards away. Your goal is to hit the 3" diameter X-ring as many times as possible. After each shot, the target will get pulled down, marked and scored then put back up to show the score and where you hit. You adjust your aim and shoot again. While doing this, someone is keeping track of your score. If you hit the “9” ring, you get a score of 9, if you hit the 10 ring or the X ring, you get a score of 10, 8 points for 8 ring and so on. After 20 shots for record, your score is totaled, and that is your final score for that “relay”. Each match will consist of 3 relays, for a total of 60 shots (+sighter shots) per match. 

Each relay has a 25 minute time limit to put 20 shots for record on the target with unlimited sighters in most cases. As you shoot, someone will score for you, and as they shoot, you’ll score for them.

All Rifles for all classes are loaded and fired 1 Round at a time. [single shot - Loaded Magazines not allowed] 

 Additionally, you will also be rotated down to the target area (pits) marking and scoring targets. 

Classes and how they work.

F-Open - Is generally a custom rifle shot from a mechanical front rest and rear support bag. Most any caliber is allowed. The rifle weight is limited to 22lbs.

F-T/R - (Stands for "Target Rifle") is limited to a  bipod front rest, a rear support bag, 223 or 308 caliber and a 18# rifle.

A complete set of rules  can be found here (page 67).

Our matches, are open to the following other classes so that everyone can have a chance to participate and not feel left out. 

FPR (Field Precision Rifle) - This class is for shooters with muzzle brakes or suppressors(not allowed in normal F-Class rules), and are generally blot-action rifles which are purchased from retail stores such as Ruger's RPR, Savage Rifles and Remington 700. This class can be for the newer shooter just getting started, or for PRS (Precision Rifle Series) type rifles. This class is not NRA approved.

F-Bench – This class is for shooters who have a more custom rifle, shoot from a bench and/or don't wish to shoot prone. This class is not NRA approved.

For all other standard F-Class type classes, please read the official NRA rule book located here.

Match Rifle, Service Rifle and ANY(Rifle)/ANY(Site) - These are classes are generally referred to as "Sling Shooters" and are NRA Approved. These are shot from a sling wrapped arm as their support.

"F-Open" Shooter

"F-Open" Shooter