Frequently Asked Questions


I've never heard of F-Class, What is it?

F-Class matches are rifle matches with the goal being as many bulls eyes as possible. Think of it like darts, but with guns!

Do I need a custom rifle?

Nope! Although there are plenty of people who use custom rifles, we have separate categories (classes) for people who want to shoot a standard off the shelf rifle. It's common to see Ruger Precision Rifles, Bergera Rifles and Remington 700's among many others.

I don't handload, is factory ammo ok?

Absolutely! Although the people who shoot the custom rifles tend to reload, the ones shooting factory rifles very commonly use factory match ammo. However, if you do reload, it is welcome on the line regardless of what rifle you are shooting (as long as its safe!)

Can I use a bipod?

Yes you can. Just about everyone who shoots in the factory rifle class uses a bipod. If you are more comfortable shooting from a bench rest, it is welcomed as well.

I heard that muzzle brakes aren't allowed, but I have one. Can I still shoot a match?

Yes you can. We will keep the rifles with muzzle brakes away from the shooters without them. Although they help with recoil, they can disrupt other shooters on the line. Don't worry if you have one, you'll still be fine shooting a match.

I have a medical condition that prevents me from shooting prone, can I still shoot?

Yes, there are benches to shoot from for anyone with physical limitations that prevent them from laying prone.